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This timeline gives you a snapshot of the journey of The BGreen Project as it continues to spread its wings across the world by bringing global youth together in one platform to find innovative environmental solutions!

Bgreen project timeline

1 September 2013

“The birth of an idea- Creating a platform for youth to address global environmental crisis. How can we connect the two to find innovative solutions? The seeds are planted for BGreen.

15 December 2013

” The on-ground planning for the first ever BGreen Participatory Action Research Conference starts in Dhaka, Bangladesh after identifying local partners and co-organizers.

10-11 January 2014

The first ever BGreen Annual Conference is a thumping success with urban youth from all over Bangladesh, hosted by the Center for Sustainable Development in ULAB. The beginning of something great!

15 April 2014

The launch of the first ever BGreen Mentorship Program that turns selected youth ideas into community action projects. Young innovators get a chance to shape a community’s environmental future.

15 September 2014

BGreen Media Literacy Show- the launch of our television show in partnership with Amherst Media in the US. It provides an international media platform to sustain discussions on critical environmental issues.

28 December 2014

Kickstarting the BGreen Mentorship Program annual project implementation cycle. Mentors and Mentees committed to get their ideas into the best shape to start the process of environmental change!

3 January 2015

The second Annual BGreen Annual Conference kickstarts with a bang! This year’s vision is to provide eclectic workshops that help participants to develop their individual environmental projects.

10 January 2015

The launch of the Get Your Green On Annual Workshop Series. Small Event with a Big Purpose-providing diverse, environmental themed sessions to an exclusive group of youth participants.

29 March 2015

” The BGreen Mentorship Program Project Development and Fundraising Social. Helping connect our selected Mentorship Groups to prospective fundraising options to support their innovative projects.